Thursday, June 28, 2012

Look what we made! Galaxy Tee Shirts

Wow! Look what you can make in an hour at the library - Our Galaxy tee shirts turned out amazing!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wow! New couches & Express Summer shelf

Wow!  Have you seen our new furniture in the Teen area?  If not, it is time for a visit to the Greece Public Library.  Also, there is now an "Express Summer Reading Shelf" directly behind the teen area.  Books from area school summer reading lists are available for 1 week check out.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Summer Reading Link is Live!

The summer reading link on the Greece Public Library webpage is up and ready to go!  Access it here:

If you are one of the first 40 teens to register for the summer reading program, come to the information desk at the Greece Public Library and get your mini summer prize pack; a free Burger King french fry, a free game of mini golf at Adventure Landing, a $2 coupon to use in our new bookstore, and a bookmark to hold your place in all the great books you'll be reading this summer from:

Don't forget to register now for: 

Babysitting Course with Epic Trainings.  On Tuesday, June 26 from 10am - 3 pm.  Bring a lunch.  Course fee of $42 payable to Epic Trainings at the beginning of class.   Bring a lunch!

Make a Glow in the Dark Galaxy Tee Shirt (with artist Kim Romig) on Thursday, June 28th from 1-2 pm.  Bring your own dark tee shirt - all other supplies are provided.  For ages 10-18.  

Duct Tape Crafts with Sarah Skelly on Saturday, June 30 from 2-3 pm.  All supplies are provided - we will make two fun items.  For ages 10-18. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

What books go out alot?

Ever wonder what other teens are reading?  Each of these books has been checked out twelve to fourteen times this year! 

Wisdom's Kiss by Catherine Gilbert Murdock (she also wrote The Dairy Queen books)
Princess Wisdom, known as Dizzy, longs for a life of excitement beyond the staid old kingdom of Montagne.  Tips, a soldier, longs to keep his true identity a secret.  Fortitude, an orphaned maid, longs only for Tips.  These three souls might possibly attain their dreams while preserving their empire from ruin--if only they can bear one another's company long enough to devise a plan.

Hooked by Catherine Greenman
Thea Galehouse has always known how to take care of herself. With a flighty club-owner mom and a standoffish, recovering-alcoholic dad, Thea has made her own way in her hometown of New York, attending the prestigious and competitive Stuyvesant High School. But one chat with Will, a handsome and witty senior, and she's a goner—completely hooked on him and unable to concentrate on anything else.
Always worried that she loves Will more than he loves her, Thea is pleasantly surprised when their romance weathers his move to college and Will goes out of his way to involve her in his life. But then, Thea misses a period. And that starts Thea and Will on a wild ride that neither of them could have possibly prepared for.

Then I Met My Sister by Christine Hurley Deriso
It's not exactly easy living in a shrine to your dead sister.  Since birth, I've known that everyone loved Shannon.  She was perfect--beautiful, smart, talented.  And me?  Not so much.  My parents always expected me to measure up to her, so why even try?  This summer, I've started reading the journal Shannon kept just before she died.....and suddenly, nothing is what I thought it was.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Four New Summer Titles - New for You!

The Summer of No Regrets by Katherine Grace Bond
Goodreads says:  The day Brigitta accidentally flings herself into the lap of a guy she's never met, her friend Natalie is convinced he's Trent Yves, egotistical heartthrob-in-hiding. When the boy, who calls himself Luke, is nearly eaten by a cougar, Brigitta finds herself saving his life, being swept into his spectacular embrace and wondering if she wants Natalie's fantasy to be true.
As the two spend the summer together raising orphaned cougar cubs, Brigitta still can't be sure of his true identity. But then again, since her grandparents' death, her father's sudden urge to give away all their possessions and become a shaman, and her own awkward transition from girlhood into a young woman, she isn't sure of anything. What is the truth? More importantly, can she accept it?
Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson
Goodreads says "Taylor’s family might not be the closest-knit – everyone is a little too busy and overscheduled – but for the most part, they get along fine. Then they get news that changes everything: Her father has pancreatic cancer, and it’s stage four – meaning that there is basically nothing to be done. Her parents decide that the family will spend his last months together at their old summerhouse in the Pocono Mountains.
Crammed into a place much smaller and more rustic than they are used to, they begin to get to know each other again. And Taylor discovers that the people she thought she had left behind haven’t actually gone anywhere. Her former summer best friend is suddenly around, as is her first boyfriend. . . and he’s much cuter at seventeen than he was at twelve.
As the summer progresses, the Edwards become more of a family, and closer than they’ve ever been before. But all of them very aware that they’re battling a ticking clock. Sometimes, though, there is just enough time to get a second chance – with family, with friends, and with love."
The Summer of Firsts and Lasts by Terra Elan McVoy
Goodreads says, "Three sisters. One life-changing summer. Calla loves summer because summer means Duncan. They’ve been best friends for years, but Calla has never worked up the nerve to tell him how she really feels. This summer, the summer before college, is Calla's last chance. Violet isn't much of a rule breaker in real life. But this isn't real life, this is summer, and Violet is determined to make the most of it. Besides, a little sneaking out never hurt anyone. And sneaking out with James is 100% worth the risk...even though James is completely off-limits. Daisy has never been the sister that boys notice, but when sparks fly with Joel at the first bonfire of summer, it seems so easy and right. So why is being his girlfriend so complicated?"
The Summer My Life Began by Shannon Greenland
Goodreads says "Elizabeth Margaret—better known as Em—has always known what life would contain: an internship at her father’s firm, a degree from Harvard and a career as a lawyer. The only problem is that it’s not what she wants. When she gets the opportunity to get away from it all and spend a month with the aunt she never knew, she jumps at the chance. While there, Em pursues her secret dream of being a chef, and she also learns that her family has kept some significant secrets from her, too. And then there’s Cade, the laid-back local surfer boy who seems to be everything Em isn't. Naturally, she can’t resist him, and as their romance blossoms, Em feels she is living on her own terms for the first time."

PS - I love the covers on all of these books!  So summery and fun!  What do you think?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

There is a lot that is new at the Greece Public Library!  Our new teen area is complete, the summer reading brochure (with a list of programs and prizes) is here, and lots of new great fiction and non-fiction books are here, waiting for  you.  For more information, go to the Summer tab on the blog, or check out the calender and summer reading section on the Greece Public Library website at:

Come in and see us!  Summer is almost here!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Between the Lines - new Jodi Picoult Teen novel!

For all you Jodi Picoult fans, Jodi has teamed up with her daughter, Samantha Van Leer to write a Young Adult novel called Between the Lines. Ingram (book company) interviewed Jodi and her daughter, and found out that Jodi's favorite book as a teen was Gone With The Wind, and Samantha's was The Hunger Games.  Access the interview here:

This book will definately be on my "must read" list this summer.  I think my favorite Jodi Picoult books were:
The murder mystery set in Amish Country, and
the book that explores the dynamics of what extreme measures a mother will take to save her child...even at the expense of another child.

Have you ever read a Jodi Picoult book?  What book is your favorite?