Monday, April 20, 2015

Middle School Monday:

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Nightbird by Alice Hoffman
Do you enjoy fantasy?  A touch of magic?  Alice Hoffman incorporates the magical into a story about fitting in, family, and belonging.  I am really enjoying this book! 

“Twig Fowler and her mother keep to themselves so that their neighbors in Sidwell, Massachusetts, won’t discover their secret: Twig’s older brother James has wings, thanks to a generations-old curse laid upon all Fowler men by Agnes Early, the Witch of Sidwell. Against their mother’s warnings, Twig befriends Julia, a descendent of Agnes Early, and James falls in love with Julia’s sister Agate, relationships that will ultimately bring secrets to light. Hoffman creates a witchy small town New England setting but populates it with realistic characters such as twelve-year-old Twig, who desperately wants a friend. Twig’s entirely mundane broken arm, incurred in a fall from a tree, contrasts nicely with James’s wings, which allow him to fly but keep him from living a normal life. The tone, mystical but not too dark, makes this a good choice for readers who want to imagine just a bit of magic in their lives.”
—Shoshana Flax, The Horn Book

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