Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Year's Resolutions - My Reading Goals from 2014, and what I hope to read in 2015

Every year I challenge myself to read a specific number of books.  In 2014, I challenged myself to read 100 books. Although I only finished 92, I feel like a winner - that is the most books I've ever read in a year!  Each year I set some supplemental goals for myself, like reading more classics, reading 10% children's books, mixing up my genres (read mysteries, romance, historical fiction, non-fiction, etc.) I am still formulating my reading goals for 2015, but I think I am going to shoot for 100 books again.  Here is a link to the books I completed in 2014:


I like using Goodreads to keep track of what books I read, what books I'd like to read in the future, and for getting suggestions.  This year they even compiled stats for the books I finished!  I rated 19 of my 92 books 5 stars, and by far the largest category was the 4 star review.  I rated 9 books with 2 stars or less.  Most books I read had 4 stars, which means I really enjoyed reading them!

When making a resolution, I feel like putting a concrete number, and actually committing publicly to the goal keeps me motivated.  Some general advice from "experts" for keeping your New Year's Resolutions, (whether they involve reading, losing weight, exercise, or other goals) can be found here:

1.  Make a Bet with yourself.   Treat yourself to something you like if you complete your goal.
2.  Break down your goal into specific smaller goals - like reading 2 books per week, or exercising 3 times per week.
3.  Do you like Apps?  Use the "Way of Life" app to measure your success.  If you update the app regularly, you can see graphs and trends - great if you are a visual person.
4.  Put your goal in writing - online, on your frig, in a journal - someplace where you will see it.
5. Enlist a friend or buddy to help you reach your goal.  Having a like minded person to talk to, and encourage you can help you reach your goal.

Hope you have a Happy New Year, and a 2015 filled with great books!

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