Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Teen Tuesday Pick: Storm by Donna Jo Napoli

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The rain starts suddenly, hard and fast. After days of downpour, her family lost, Sebah takes shelter in a tree, eating pine cones and the raw meat of animals that float by. With each passing day, her companion, a boy named Aban, grows weaker. When their tree is struck by lightning, Sebah is tempted just to die in the flames rather than succumb to a slow, watery death. Instead, she and Aban build a raft. What they find on the stormy seas is beyond imagining: a gigantic ark. But Sebah does not know what she'll find on board, and Aban is too weak to leave their raft.

Themes of family, loss, and ultimately, survival and love make for a timeless story. Donna Jo Napoli has imagined a new protagonist to tell the story of Noah and his ark. As rain batters the earth, Noah, his family, and hordes of animals wait out the storm, ready to carry out their duty of repopulating the earth. Hidden below deck...is Sebah.

Krista has this to say about the book: " The book is a twist on the story of Noah and the Great Flood. Sixteen-year-old Sebah somehow survives the initial flooding and pairs up with a boy. They barely survive and, realizing that everyone else is now probably dead, mate. Forced to make a raft and escape the rising waters, they run into Noah's boat. Sebah hides out with the animals, making friends with them and watching Noah's dysfunctional family (well, who wouldn't be after that experience). Great interaction with the animals.

I was confused about Bash's role on the boat and his relationship to the family. Fascinating twist to the end of the story."

My thoughts:  This is not a retelling a the Noah's Ark story in the traditional sense, and some reviews have criticized the book for the way Noah's family is depicted. 

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