Monday, June 30, 2014

Middle School Monday: The Kingfisher Soccer Encyclopedia

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This encyclopedia is the definitive guide to the world's most popular sport. From the sublime skills of Pele to the lifestyle of a professional soccer player, this gloriously illustrated book explores every aspect of the game. Freshly revised and updated, this is a world soccer book for the 2014 World Cup and beyond.  State-of-the-art digital illustrations and stunning photographs bring to life all the key rules, tactics, set plays, and skills. As well as offering practical advice, this informative book also provides an insider's view of the history of the game, profiles of the great clubs, and facts about women's soccer teams and players.  Comprehensive and visually thrilling, this book captures all the drama and the passion of a game that unites billions of people across the globe.

Perfect for increasing your soccer knowledge for the World Cup!  For Middle School and up.

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