Thursday, May 8, 2014

Winners: Teen Haiku Contest

59 teens from all over Monroe County submitted 101 haiku poems to our first annual Teen Haiku Contest!  We were overwhelmed with the work submitted by the students, and decided to award five honorable mention $10 gift cards in addition to the first, second and third place awards.  Thank you to the Friends of the Greece Public Library for providing the prizes for this contest.  Without further ado, here are the winning haiku poems!

First Place:  $50 gift card goes to Crystal Lee, age 12 of Greece, NY for her haiku "The Hibiscus Flower" 

Pink and cotton white
A soft stamen dipped in gold
Swaying in the wind.

Second Place:  $30 gift card goes to Adam Ford, age 18 of Greece, NY for his haiku:

As I walk alone
Solitude comforts my soul

Third Place:  $20 gift card goes to Grace Dusett, age 15 of Rochester, NY for her haiku:

Her eyes closed, slowly
to drink stars of night and dreams
of pleasant slumber

There were five Honorable Mention winners, each receiving a $10 giftcard:

Mike Hyde, age 15
I snag my headphones
pulse of rhythm in my ears
mellow melodies.

Kelsey Hansen, age 16 entitled "Sister"
She was always there
gently pushing me along
When no one else cared

Demitri DiProspero, age 16
The flight of the catch
fishing is my favorite
perch tastes like lobster.

Taylor Kremis, age 17
Cats are the greatest
fuzzy, lovely, and so sweet
cats:  better than dogs.

Lynn Nguyen, age 13 entitled "Electric Shock"
The sky god is mad
Pounding sounds, the thunder
The crackle of lightning.

Congratulations to these talented teens!

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