Thursday, February 27, 2014

Teen Book Fest Author Profile: Greg Neri


"I'm like a mash-up DJ of a writer: I sample real life and re-mix it into story." 

The book G. Neri says we should read is Yummy:  The Last Days of a Southside Shorty, because "it is my most popular book and an unusually gripping and provocative graphic novel that will make you cry.  Yummy took about 12 years to make it from an idea to book but mostly because it started as a movie project first. When I finally figured out it needed to be a graphic novel, the writing was extremely quick, maybe a couple of months."  G. Neri 
I had to read this book for a class, and was totally blown away by the realistic depiction of street life, and how hopeless Yummy must have felt.  G. Neri also has written a few other books, Ghetto Cowboy, and a free verse novel called Chess Rumble.  He has several new books coming soon! 

YUMMY_cover 3.jpg
check the catalog here

check the catalog here

check the catalog here

G. Neri participated in an on-line lesson for my class, so it will be really nice to meet him in person at the Rochester Teen Book Fest on Saturday, May 17th at Nazareth College. Click the link to find out more about TBF, and see a listing of the 30 authors attending!

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