Monday, January 7, 2013

Middle School Monday Pick: Losing It by Erin Fry

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Bennett Robinson loves baseball, especially watching Dodgers games with his dad while munching on burgers and fries-the perfect "game food." Baseball even helped Bennett and his dad get over his mom's death from cancer. But there's no way Bennett could ever play baseball. Bennett is fat, the kind of fat that gives you belly button sweat stains and makes it tough to get off a sagging couch. But on one perfect, baseball-watching day, everything changes. Bennett's dad is taken away on a stretcher, and Bennett doesn't know if he will live or die. Now Bennett has to move in with know-it-all Aunt Laura. And she's making it her personal mission to Get Bennett Healthy. Bennett knows that Aunt Laura will take over his entire life if he lets her. It's time for Bennett to step up to the plate. Because maybe there are some things a Fat Boy can do . . . like talk to a girl, run a mile, and maybe even save his own life.

Fellow librarian, Cathy Henderson, just read this book and loved it!  She said you will be cheering for Bennett to succeed, and may be inspired to tackle a challenge yourself.  It is next on my "to read" shelf! 

About Erin Fry

Erin Fry ran her first mile—gasping and barely shuffling—at age thirty-two. Since then she and her running shoes have become a dynamic duo, eventually conquering the L.A. Marathon. When Erin’s not running, she’s often writing about running, coaching kids who like to run, or driving one of her three kids to cross-country practice. She is also a curriculum writer, book reviewer, kickboxing instructor, and teacher. Losing It is her first novel for middle-grade readers. She lives in Glendora, California, with her family. Learn more about the author: and


  1. Great book by a great author! Grab it, read it and cheer for Bennett all the way through!

  2. I'm reading it now and loving it - so relevant today, too, with obesity in kids an epidemic!