Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Too Much Technology?

Our society loves technology, but have you ever wondered what would happen if we got too much of a good thing?  What would happen if one day we didn't interact on a personal basis anymore?  What if we were ruled by our technology?  The books Awaken and Middle Ground by Katie Kacvinsky depict that world.  Here is what Kimberly on has to say about the books.  "The year is 2060.  For four weeks, Maddie Freeman has been living in Los Angeles trying to be good and behave. But one night when she and her friends go out to a virtual club, she says how she feels about Digital School. Her thoughts and actions at the club backfire when she is ratted out and it lands her in the one place she fears most...the Los Angeles Detention Center (LADC). There she is forced to undergo secretive treatment to quiet her rebellious streak. The workers at the LADC call it rehabilitation but in reality it is mental and physical torture. Alone, Maddie wants to give up but with the help of her friends, a way to fight and hope emerges within her as she serves her sentence.

I loved Awaken and was excited to start Middle Ground. It did not disappoint. Maddie and her group of friends are very likable characters. Maddie herself is strong-willed, funny, sarcastic, and can take care of herself. 2/3rds of the book is spent at the LADC. Basically imagine a mental hospital/asylum, mix it with a prison and add in a little technology. You get the LADC. Another thing that I like about this book and series in general is that there is no annoying love triangle! Maddie knows she loves Justin. No other guy really attempts to persuade her otherwise even though there are many other male characters in the book that she considers friends. This is one of the few dystopias I've read where our society could actually end up like the world portrayed in this series. Online classes in colleges are becoming very popular and my brother himself graduated from an online high school. Some people nowadays are so addicted to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. The book shows what could happen if the government decided to make the digital life a law. The entire book is a really quick read....especially the last third for the events that occur in those pages. Middle Ground ends in a way that it sets up a third book but it doesn't have a huge cliffhanger. It has some sense of closure that I found satisfying." 

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