Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thanks, Walt Disney! My 15 Favorite Disney Movies

Walt Disney, along with his brother, Roy O. Disney founded Walt Disney Productions, which later became one of the best-know motion picture producers in the world.  Walt Disney Productions (excluding subsidiaries) has released over 300 motion pictures!  Here's a list of my favorite 15 Disney films, both animated and "real". 

1.  The Little Mermaid.  Ok, when I was little, I wanted to BE a mermaid.  Plus, who doesn't like the song "Under the Sea"?

2.  Beauty and the Beast.  I'm a librarian.  How can I NOT love Belle and her love of books?

3.  Toy Story.  All of them - I cried when Andy went to college!

4.  The Lion King - MacBeth for kids - a classic!

5.  Pirates of the Caribbean - I loved the first one, and the music, and Johnny Depp. 

6.  Cinderella - another classic, and a great Princess story!

7.  Mulan - a strong female character, and Eddie Murphy.

8.  George of the Jungle - no matter how many times I watch it, I still laugh!

9.  Remember the Titans.  One of my favorite sports movies - ever.

10.  the Santa Clause.  A holiday favorite.

11.  Mary Poppins - the voice of Julie Andrews.  Amazing.

12.  The Parent Trap (remake).  When Lindsay Lohan was cute!

13.  Freaky Friday (see above) and Jamie Lee Curtis was a hoot!

14.  Pocahontas - Because it was my daughter's first movie, and "Colors of the Wind"

15.  Aladin - because of Robin William's Genie.

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