Monday, November 19, 2012

Middle School Monday: Precious Bones

Precious Bones

a review by Barbara Rogan, Goodreads reader:
"PRECIOUS BONES is set in 1948, in the swamplands of old Florida. The main character, Bones, is a 10-year-old girl, and the book is marketed as a young adult book, but should absolutely be read by adults as well. "Civilization" is encroaching on the traditional life of the swamp, and Bones' idyllic life with her mother and father is threatened when two Yankee land speculators set their sights on their land. Bones herself is a miraculous creation, as inquisitive as the raccoon in her animal entourage, as thoroughly in tune with the rhythms of the swamp as the elusive bear that puts in occasional appearances. The setting is brought vividly to life through Bones's observant eyes, and one doesn't have to be a Floridian to mourn its passing. Some hard issues arise in the course of the story: racism, child abuse, and the death of an innocent. Bones learns, suffers, and grows. But the best part of the story are the wonderful characters: Bones and her father, a charming scamp, and their whole community. By the time I finished the book, I felt that I'd grown up there, too.

In many ways, Bones reminds me of Scout in TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. I've read this book several times now, and each time it had me in tears...the good kind."  I have this book on my reading list - I love both historical fiction, and mysteries, and this book has both elements.  This book was also recommended by Greece Public Library children's librarian - Cathy Henderson.

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