Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hope Solo: My Story

Hope Solo: My Story
Soccer sensation and Olympic gold medalist Hope Solo tells the story of her challenging journey to become a world famous goalie. Her strength and fearlessness have helped her overcome many obstacles, from growing up with an unreliable father to returning to the field after a major injury. In her own words, Hope discusses her relationship with her dad, the mental fortitude and love of the game that he instilled in her, and her continued motivation. Game after game, Hope is driven to succeed. Her charisma and spirit make Hope an unbelievably strong role model for athletes of any age. Hope Solo never plays it safe, and her riveting story proves that sometimes that's a good thing.

This is a special adaptation for young people of Hope Solo's upcoming adult memoir, "Solo."

Are you a soccer fan? If so this is the autobiography for you. Hope Solo is a fabulous goalie, but her life story is quite interesting and inspiring.   Hope talks candidly about her family, her struggles, the comments that got her removed from the Women's National team in 2007, and her eventual redemption. My only complaint is the book was sent to print before the London Olympics, so it didn't cover the team's most recent gold medal performances.

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