Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I just finished reading Article 5 by debut author, Kristen Simmons, and would definitely recommend it for "Hunger Games" fans.  This is a futuristic novel that describes a world that is scary to think about, but believable.  The United States has been ravaged by war, major cities have been abandoned, the Bill of Rights has been revoked and replaced by the Moral Statutes.  There is no more religious freedom in the United States - only the new rules established by the Church of America.   Seventeen year old Ember Miller is trying to "fly under the wire" keeping her free spirited single mom from getting herself into trouble.  One night, the Moral Militia soldiers come to arrest Ember's mom for a violation of Article 5 - having a child out of wedlock.  Ember is dragged off by her former love, Chase Jennings, who is now serving a mandatory term in the Moral Militia.  She finds herself in a Girl's Reformatory, where the government tries to make wayward girls "re-educated" about a woman's place in society, and the gender role she must assume in this new United States.  Ember's escape to find her mom, and her relationship with Chase will keep you reading.  This book is appropriate for mature middle school students, but targeted for high school students.  I rate it a 4 out of a possible 5 stars!

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